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EEG Ambulatory Tests

Traditional EEGs test electrical activity within the brain on patients who have had epileptic episodes and syncopal episodes (passing out/fainting/blackouts). These tests, however, take several hours where patients are required to remain in the clinical setting and only provide a small snapshot of brain activity. Pelican Family Medicine provides a superior diagnostic service to these traditional EEGs by using a process which does not require the patient to stay within the confines of the clinic and provides a broader picture of brain activity.

Ambulatory EEGs are a form of neurodiagnostic testing that allows for measurement of the electrical activity within the brain without sidelining patients from their daily activities for extended periods of time. The setup can take up to one hour. During setup, electrodes are put in place and covered by the patient’s hair. A portable recorder is sent home with the patient. For the next 72 hours, patients will keep track of their daily activities and any associated sensations in order to supplement the recorded readings of electrical activity. Most patients benefit from the extended recording which reveal small shifts in electrical activity often causing/contributing to the episodes they may be experiencing.